Breathwork is a powerful healing technique that allows us to tap into self-love and the healing capability of spirit. It can facilitate emotional release, healing ancient wounds, heart opening and connection to intuition.

Release. Rebirth. Celebration.

Exchange: $165 for 60 minutes

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"My experience with Kingsley has been nothing short of magical. A few months ago, I was slightly depressed, suffering from an undiagnosed medical condition, and dealing with tons of pressure from my corporate job. I was invited to Kingsley’s Breathwork class having no idea what to expect, but certainly not thinking that anything I’d learn would have the power to change my life. I can’t begin to explain how wrong I was. After my first Breathwork experience, I felt more peaceful than I’d felt in years. I didn’t know how or why, but I knew that I needed to keep working with Kingsley. After multiple sessions of Breathwork and Reiki, both in group workshops and private sessions, my life has transformed. Through Breathwork I’ve been able to express emotions that I’ve kept bottled up for years, and I’ve come to find a love for myself and for the world so strong that I feel unconquerable. The space that Kingsley holds is everything you need to feel, to love, and to manifest the best version of yourself."

- Kate S.

“Kingsley's workshops are transformational with incredibly raw and functional benefits. I attended my first Breathwork Workshop with her the night before I sat for a professional exam; I was stressed and knew that I needed to give my mind a rest. That workshop turned out to be exactly what I needed to relax while building confidence and trust in myself. I strongly recommend her workshop to anyone that needs to reset or maintain a healthy mind-body connection.”

- Zareh B. 

"Kingsley's simultaneously gentle and strong power guides the room with love, care, and trust, enabling each of us to have our own individual Breathwork experience. The physical, energetic, and emotional shifts that are created by simply breathing differently feels nothing short of magical. Kingsley's Breathwork group sessions have led me to feel deeply rooted or highly elated, both of which have inspired important life realizations. I always leave Kingsley's Breathwork group sessions feeling supported by this kind community she creates and fully in awe of the power of our breath, our bodies, and our energy. Go forth and try it! You'll be joyfully thankful that you did."

- Emma T.

“Breathwork has been one of the most beneficial things I have done for my mind and body. After having struggled with bad anxiety for the past 6 months, I had been looking for ways to overcome it and to help release what I was holding. Breathwork has done that for me. It was the final piece in the puzzle I had been putting together with ways to deal with it, and actually live my life again. My experience has been freeing, I have released more than I knew I had. I feel energized with more light, love, mindfulness, and positivity, which were blocked out before. I don’t get many moments in my day to be completely vulnerable, and to focus on myself, and these breathwork classes have allowed that for me. It has allowed me to build more trust in my mind and body, and the parts I cannot control, I let them let go, and do what they need to do.”

- Meghan D.